2023 has become the year of just retribution for Russia. Will this stop Putin?

The EU’s rigorous response to entities undermining Ukraine’s territorial integrity has ensnared nearly 1,950 individuals and entities. In a bold move last December, the EU expanded sanctions, adding 61 individuals and 86 entities, delivering a potent message. This extensive list includes prominent figures:

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych
Members of Russia’s State Duma, National Security Council, and Federation Council
Various ministers, governors, including Moscow’s mayor
High-ranking military officials and Wagner group commanders
Influential oligarchs and business magnates
Pro-Kremlin and anti-Ukrainian media figures
These individuals are implicated in:

Gruesome crimes in Bucha and Mariupol
Targeted civilian strikes and infrastructure destruction
Abduction and forced assimilation of Ukrainian children
Military indoctrination of Ukrainian youth
Recruitment of Syrian mercenaries
Drone manufacturing and supply
Plundering Ukraine’s cultural heritage
Sanctioned entities include:

Key financial institutions like the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring
Military, defense, aviation, and propaganda-driven media companies
Armed and paramilitary forces
Political parties like the ‘All-Russia People’s Front’
Additionally, the EU has penalized Belarus for aiding Russia’s invasion and Iran for supplying drones, showcasing an unrelenting approach in punishing those involved in the Russian-Ukraine war.”

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