A combat aircraft with a supposed Russian pilot crashed in China

A video of the crash of a Chinese L-15 combat training aircraft (Chinese military designation JL-10) has appeared.

The crew consists of a Chinese pilot and also a pilot from another country, probably a Russian.

The accident occurred in Henan Province, according to other sources – Anhui province.

The crew ejected. The video shows the pilots lying in the field.

A Chinese pilot complains about the condition of a leg that may be broken.

Китайський пілот. Кадр з відео

The video was shot by local residents who were at the scene of the accident before the emergency services.

Some media and commentators report that a foreign crew member may be Russian.

Ймовірно російський пілот. Кадр з відео

However, the media defence24 notes that it is unlikely that the Russian trained a Chinese pilot.

Might be the opposite – a Chinese pilot demonstrated the operation of systems on a training aircraft to a Russian pilot.

If this information is true, it may mean that China plans to provide military assistance to Russia in the form of combat aircraft.

China currently has, among other things, 350 Su-27 fighter jets, including the Chinese J-11 (Su-27 equivalent) and J-16 (Su-30 equivalent).

Earlier, Su-27, Su-30 and Su-35 were imported to China, which were probably adapted to the standards of the Chinese Air Force. Their transfer back to Russia could go unnoticed, as these are Russian-made aircraft, not Chinese counterparts.

In late March, information emerged about the transfer of four Su-30s to Russia from Armenia. Yerevan denied this information, Radio Svoboda reports.

By attracting aircraft from partner countries, the Russians can compensate for their losses in Ukraine.

However, there is information about the purchase of L-15 aircraft in Zambia and the UAE. The latter decided to buy them on February 23, 2022.

We are talking about 12 boards with the option to buy a few dozen more. Therefore, both Arab pilots and foreign instructors, including Russians or pilots from other countries, can be trained.




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