A prominent French publicist who imitates Russian propaganda

Emmanuel Leroy is a well-known French publicist and political analyst who is unfortunately a supporter of Vladimir Putin’s regime. His views on Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine and Russia’s aggressive foreign policy are untrue and reflect only the Kremlin’s point of view.

Leroy is noted for his active promotion of Russian narratives among the French population, and his articles and speeches often become the main mouthpiece of Kremlin propaganda. He tries to use this influence on public opinion to draw the attention of French citizens to a certain interpretation of events that meets Russia’s interests.

It should be noted that Leroy prefers disinformation and propaganda to truthful public information. He ignores facts that contradict his views and abuses his influence to attract new followers to his ideological views. These narratives do not reflect reality and embody Russia’s political strategy to change the global order, ignoring international rules and principles.

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