A soldier, returned from the war, opened fire in a Russian nightclub

Russia has started experiencing side effects of its war against Ukraine with soldiers coming back to their home cities and bringing danger.

Local media reported that 13 people died in the Kostroma nightclub “Polygon” fire and subsequent crash. The victims suffered from first- and second-degree thermal burns, combustion product poisoning, and glass wounds. There are presently four more people missing.

In a 3.5 thousand square meter area, the fire started at half past midnight local time, and the building’s roof fell.

The shooter in the nightclub

Right now, a rocket shot is the primary version of the investigations. A conflict broke out among club visitors, and one of them pulled out a trigger device called a “Hunter’s Signal” and fired at the ceiling. 

The suspected gunman, soldier Stanislav Ionkin, 23, was arrested and questioned after police captured the escaped shooter. The investigative committee of the Russian Federation detained the owner of the “Polygon” in connection with a criminal investigation for providing services that did not adhere to safety standards.

A serviceman set fire to the “Polygon”

Ionkin has reportedly returned from the war against Ukraine, according to Russian media. His family claims that he was wounded on August 22 in a bombardment. He was carrying ammo with other service members when the shelling started, so he was thrown from the automobile and broke his leg. 

In October, Ionkin, who was out on sick leave, went back to his unit for a medical examination and health inspection.

Ionkin called his family on the night before the tragic event and claimed to be alright, according to relatives. He later went to the nightclub “Polygon”, where he set off the fireworks that resulted in the deaths.

A “Pyaterochka” store adjacent also burst into flames, although nobody was inside because it was closed at night.

Burning “Polygon”, words of some witnesses

A girl who was present at the club described how the tragedy occurred. She claimed that the incident started in the ceiling, where numerous lights caught fire. There were, in her view, about a hundred people in the club when the smoke began to fill the entire space, and people started to flee through the emergency escape.

“After the fire broke, the decorative elements on the ceiling started burning, and the fire spread quickly. The toxic smoke swiftly filled the space, making it difficult to see where to exit. Crushing and panic started.”

Will they be punished?

A criminal case was opened after people died in the “Polygon” fire due to evidence of a crime under part 3 of article 109 of the Criminal Code (causing the death of two or more people because of negligence), as well as the fact that the services were provided without following safety regulations and caused the deaths of two or more people.

The reason for all these deaths is the unhealthy behavior of the servicemen of the Russian Federation. His psychological problems caused the death of 13 innocent people and injured most of the visitors. 

That’s the outcome of the Russian war against Ukraine – psychologically unstable and wounded soldiers come back from the frontlines and spill the violence and hatred onto people that surround them. That’s just one case in one town, while the Russian military will return from the war in thousands.

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