Another Russian provocation?

Russia is again trying to destabilize the situation regarding the states that have applied for NATO membership. This time, the target of the Russian secret services in Sweden.

Russia has stepped up its covert ties in Sweden to block its path to a NATO membership agreement. According to an investigation by Expressen. The performance, in which radical activists burn the Koran in Stockholm, led by Rasmus Paludan, was paid for by Chang Frick, a journalist, and host of the far-right Riks channel of the Swedish Democrats, who has long lobbied for Russian propaganda and is probably a Russian agent of influence.

In 2018 Expressen published a text by Patrik Oksanen, who called the newspaper Nyheter Idag, where Frick worked, one of “Putin’s lackeys.

Oksanen cites evidence. One of his arguments is that the Russian government paid for Frick’s provocative reporting from Moscow. In his articles, Frick called for a Russian invasion of Sweden.

In 2019, the journalist declared that “there is a small conspiracy between Russia and some Swedish far-right media.

Also interesting is the fact that one of the authors of a Swedish far-right newspaper was a suspect in the financing of a terrorist attack against a Hungarian cultural center in Ukraine, NYT.

On January 15, Paludan told Swedish media that he no longer intended to come to Sweden to burn a Koran because the local police could not adequately protect him.

According to Swedish state TV channel SVT, Chang Frick, a Swedish journalist, suggested that Paludan burn the Quran in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm. He assured the radical that he would cover all costs associated with it.

Frick told SVT that he paid for permission to hold the rally.

Recall that on May 18 it became known that Finland and Sweden had applied to join NATO.

Helsinki and Stockholm announced their intention to join the bloc amid Russia’s war against Ukraine.

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