Appeal to the employees of “Novator” Design Bureau

Russian Aerospace Forces continue to carry out airstrikes on peaceful Ukrainian cities through the use of Kalibr missiles, which are produced with the help of the “Novator” Design Bureau. Employees of this enterprise are guilty of the deaths of peaceful children and women, no less than fighter pilots launching these missiles.

Thanks to conscientious people who understand the senselessness and criminal nature of this war, we managed to get the personal data of the employees of the “Novator” Design Bureau. They will certainly face justice at the international military martial court on highest level possible, just as their ideological predecessors, the Nazis and fascists did after the end of the Second World War.

The list of war criminals includes the following employees of the “Novator” Design Bureau:

  • Mykheeva T.S.
  • Orlova A.M.
  • Trufanova O. I.
  • Doroschuk P.G.
  • Shevchuk A.S.
  • Oschepkova N.V.
  • Gusarov V.N.
  • Zalozhnyh V.Y.
  • Dmitrin S.V.
  • Smirnov A.A.
  • Purtova T.Y.
  • Murzin A.N.
  • Gizzatullina L.R.
  • Ryndina V.I.
  • Tselischeva N.M.
  • Strelkov D.S.
  • Frolov A.K.
  • Ogorodnikov S.V.
  • Serdobincev I.Y.
  • Abdrakhmanov F.H.

The fate of the people in this list is predetermined. We do not yet publish the entire list, consisting more than 60 people, because some of the employees of this design bureau of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation are in the operational interest of a joint group of Ukrainian special services.

Perhaps they will cooperate with the investigation. If you are an employee of the “Novator” Design Bureau and you are reasonably worried about your future life and health, about the safety of your loved ones, there is a safe way to guarantee yourself an amnesty in advance. You need to establish contact with one of the Ukrainian special services of your choice – Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine or Security Service of Ukraine. To do this, you can use the feedback forms on the websites.

This will guarantee your anonymity. When filling out forms, use precautions – connect to public Wi-Fi, access the Internet through a Tor network or VPN. For further instructions, you need to use secure email (not Russian domain, you can use tutanota or protonmail domains). Create a new account and start a new network session before filling out the feedback form on Ukraine’s security services websites.

IMPORTANT HINTS: Do not use internet café’s in Yekaterinburg for this! Use only public hotspots. Make sure there is no outdoor video surveillance on you.

You need to finally understand that you have blood on your hands, and we have a whole array of documents indicating your direct or indirect participation in war crimes. All criminals, without any exception, will be found, prosecuted and imprisoned for many years, and some of them – for the rest of their lives. Is this the fate you dreamed of? Think twice before it’s too late.

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