April 11: Eastern Ukraine digest


Eduard Basurin, press secretary of the DPR military command, stated that Ukrainian troops defending Mariupol must be encircled in the Azovstal plant and attacked with chemical weapons. He said this on Monday morning, April 11

Mariupol defenders report a chemical attack on their positions. Casualties suffer from airway and breathing problems, as well as heart rate problems. Chemicals were delivered using a drone.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave a reminder that world leaders had promised to react faster and tougher if Russia used chemical weapons in Ukraine.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that the Armed Forces could have relieved the siege of Mariupol if they had the necessary weapons, aircrafts and armored vehicles, but they have not received these.

  • The Pentagon: Russia enforced their positions around Donetsk. – american media
  • On Monday, the operational and tactical group “Skhid” (“East”) eliminated 92 Russian soldiers, and destroyed 1 tank and 3 armored personnel carriers/infantry fighting vehicles.
  • Bombs with time delay have been found in various parts of Kharkiv – in the streets and courtyards. Oleh Syniehubov, the Head of Regional Military Administration, on Telegram. He added that rescuers continue to detect such mines and eliminate them. Syniehubov also asks residents not to leave shelters without an urgent reason, because time bombs can explode at any moment.
  • The Russian aggressors shelled Kharkiv and other settlements in the region during the day. Eight people died as a result of shelling, including a 13-year-old child.
  • The Russian army is using underage Ukrainian children to reconnoiter Ukrainian military positions, the Security Service of Ukraine reports. It is reported that in Kharkiv the Russian occupying forces contacted an underage boy through a Telegram messenger. The Russians promised to pay for information about the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the city. Meanwhile, in the Luhansk region, two Russian soldiers approached a 16-year-old boy directly, offering him money in exchange for information about the location and routes of Ukrainian troops. The boy was frightened, but the occupiers “calmed him down”: they said he was underage, and that he would be fine. Due to the intervention of security forces, the boys did not have time to pass information to the Russian army.
  • A border guard in Russian-blocked Mariupol sacrificed his life to save his fellow soldiers and destroyed a radio station to prevent it from being captured by Russian troops.
  • More than 18,3 billion UAH in damages were done to Energoatom as the result of shelling. Energoatom press service 
  • Russian forces have abducted crew members of the cargo ship SMARTA and taken them to an unknown destination, ombudsman Liudmyla Denisova has said.
  • According to the Donetsk military administration, most civilians have been evacuated in advance of the Russian offensive.
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