Armenia Tightens Sanctions: Bans Russian “Mir” Payment System

Banks in Armenia no longer accept cards from the Russian payment system Mir. In this way, Armenia is joining the implementation of Western sanctions against #Russia.
Starting March 30, users will not be able to use these cards for cashless payments or cash withdrawals at ATMs of other banks in #Armenia.

This is a significant loss for Russians living in Armenia. Previously, Armenia was one of the few countries where Russian cards were widely accepted on a par with domestic passports.

It is worth recalling that not only in Armenia, but also in #China and #Switzerland, banks are taking steps against Russian financial organizations. And despite the skeptical opinions about the effectiveness of Western sanctions against Russia, they are having an impact.

Yes, this process is slow, but it is causing increasing damage to Russia’s economic development. And at the same time, it is also harming its military-industrial complex, which allows Russia to wage an unjustified war in Ukraine, kill civilians and bring its aggression closer to the territories of the #EuropeanUnion.

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