Belarus creates fictitious pretext for the possible invasion into Ukraine

Russia try to raise the stakes

Today at 2:30pm, military planes of the Republic of Belarus flew into the territory of Ukraine in the area of Gorodyshche and Tumen of the Rivne region.
Out shelling of Belarus border townships of Kopany, Bukhlychi, Verkhniy Terebezhiv were carried out from the territory of Ukraine. Thus, the pretext is created for an offensive of the Armed Forces of Belarus.

At the same time, Ukrainian Minister of Defense, Olexiy Reznikov announced, that Russian commanders preparing false flag operation with involvement of Russian air forces, which will attack objects in Belarus near the border between Ukraine and Belarus. For instance – city Kopany, Stilynskiy district, Brest region. To cover this Russian fighters comes from Ukrainian airspace. The aim of this provocation – to force Belarus to step in current war between Russia and Ukraine.

That comes just a few hours after the meeting between Alyaksander Lukashenka and Vladimir Putin.

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