Berlin promises response to limitations on German presence in Russia

The German Embassy in Moscow has called the decision by the Russian authorities to limit the number of employees of German representations in Russia an escalation and promised a response.

This is stated in a statement from the embassy, issued on Sunday, May 28.

“The Russian government, escalating the situation, informed the government of the Federal Republic of Germany about its decision to establish a maximum permissible number of employees of German representations in Russia, thus significantly limiting the presence of German representations and organizations, which has existed for many years. The Russian Foreign Ministry publicly announced this step on April 22,” the embassy said.

These new restrictions, unilaterally imposed by the Russian side, which will come into effect at the beginning of June, will affect not only embassy staff and consulates but also employees of German cultural organizations, including representations of the Goethe Institute and German schools, the diplomatic service noted.

As added by German diplomats, this unjustified decision by the Russian government forces the German government to seriously reduce its presence in Russia in all directions.

“In making this decision, the Russian government realized that it would affect a large number of Russian citizens who worked in German foreign representations, cultural organizations, and schools in Russia, who will thus lose their jobs,” the embassy said.

The German government will try, with the help of the remaining staff, to maintain a diplomatic and consular presence in Russia and to ensure the operation of organizations that have been subject to staff reductions. However, the number of employees in all areas will be significantly reduced.

“Because of the restrictions unilaterally imposed by the Russian side, the Federal Republic of Germany will take steps aimed at maintaining factual parity about the Russian presence in Germany in practice,” the statement said.

Recently, it became known that hundreds of German civil servants will have to leave Russia due to Moscow’s decision to reduce the number of employees of German institutions in the country.

In April, a significant number of employees of Russian special services left Germany, and then the Russian Foreign Ministry spoke of “hostile actions of Berlin” and warned of consequences.

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