Bern prohibits Germany from sending Swiss arms to Ukraine

Switzerland, a traditionally neutral country, prohibited Germany from supplying Ukraine with any Swiss-made ammunition used by anti-aircraft weapons that Berlin wanted to send to the war-torn country.

“There is no reason to respond positively to the German proposal to supply Swiss military equipment to Ukraine,” Economic Affairs Minister Guy Parmelin wrote to German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht.

Berlin intends to provide Ukraine 12,400 rounds of Swiss-made ammunition to be used by German Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft weapons, which Kyiv has asked to fire down Russian invading troops’ cruise missiles and drones.

 “The equality of treatment derived from neutrality legislation does not enable Switzerland to sanction a request to supply military equipment of Swiss origin to Ukraine while this country is involved in an international armed war,” stated Parmelin.

As winter approaches, Switzerland decided to donate $100 million in aid to Ukraine to help supply drinking water and repair damaged electricity infrastructure.

Despite its neutrality, Switzerland has implemented all of the measures issued by the European Union on Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine in late February, including penalties against President Vladimir Putin.

Some Swiss lawmakers believed this was already going too far, but President Ignazio Cassis has defended the decision on numerous occasions.

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