BREAKING: critical situation on Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Because of the military actions of the Russian occupiers, the area around the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant (ChNPP) became fully disconnected from the power grid. The facilities that monitor and service the decommissioned nuclear power plant have no power supply. It is not possible to restore the electricity transmission lines, as the hostilities are ongoing.

The ChNPP-Kyiv high-voltage line (750 kV) is currently disconnected due to the damage caused by the occupiers. As a result, the Chernobyl plant and all nuclear management and monitoring facilities in the Exclusion Zone are left without electricity.

Facility-1 stores about 20,000 spent fuel assemblies with spent nuclear fuel. This spent fuel needs constant cooling that in turn requires electricity to operate the pumps. Thus, the temperature in the holding pools will increase.

If the holding pools suffer from substantial evaporation, a radioactive explosion will take place. The wind can transfer the radioactive cloud to other regions of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and other places across Europe.
To make things worse, there is no ventilation inside the Facility. Its personnel will receive a dangerous dose of radiation.
The fire extinguishing system also does not work without electricity, and this is a huge risk of fire due to shelling. The fight is still going on, making it impossible to carry out repairs and restore power.

Source: State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine

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