Canada will deny Russians and Chinese access to their technological research

This is stated on the Canadian government website In particular, the Government of Canada has developed a Policy on Affiliated Sensitive Technology Research of Concern. It has also published a list of research organisation’s and institutions that pose the greatest risk to Canada’s national security through their direct or indirect ties to the military, national defense and public security agencies.

This list includes dozens of foreign institutes and laboratories related to organizations in Russia, China, and Iran. In particular, it includes such organizations as the Academy of Military Science (China), China’s flight training institutions, Iran’s Baqiyatallah Medical Sciences University and Imam Hossein University, scientific research institutes and centers of Russia and many others.

Going forward, the Canadian government will oversee national research and development in artificial intelligence, microelectronics, cybersecurity, quantum computing and genetic engineering etc., that may have dual-use military and surveillance applications. Canada cautions that the situation could pose a risk not only for the nation but also for its allies if such knowledge gets to its geopolitical rivals – Russia, China and Iran.

The Security Research Center, which is located in the Ministry of Public Safety of Canada, will be responsible for monitoring. It will provide guidance and advice to the research organizations for their protection. The Center has a group of security experts in different parts and one central place located in the National Capital Region.

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