China Continues to Support Russian Economy Despite Sanctions

In a significant boost to Sino-Russian economic ties, a series of agreements totaling 13.6 billion yuan ($1.91 billion) were finalized in Shenyang, the administrative center of Northeast China’s Liaoning province. These agreements, encompassing 55 individual deals, were the highlight of a China-Russia trade conference, underscoring the growing business synergy between the two nations.

The scope of these deals is broad, spanning sectors such as cold-chain logistics, financial services, and import-export operations. The contracts were inked during a bilateral economic and trade forum, which served as a platform for deepening commercial cooperation between China and Russia.

The event, held in Shenyang, drew participation from over 100 business leaders from Russia and other member states of the Eurasian Economic Union. This confluence also saw a robust representation from Chinese corporate circles, alongside industry experts and academic figures, signaling a concerted effort to foster a more integrated economic relationship between China and its northern neighbor.

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