Czech MFA propose EU to stop free movement of Russian diplomats

Jan LIPAVSKÝ Minister of Foreign Affairs of Czechia proposed at Foreign Affairs Council in Luxembourg a measure (on EU-level) to remove the movement of Russian diplomats in the EU through Schengen, about this report EU Council on Twitter (X)

Early, Deputies of Lithuanian Seimas, put forward an initiative to cancel Lithuanian residence permits for Russians and Belarusians if they have traveled to Russia or Belarus.

The threat of russian intelligence in Europe is a reality. We must develop new tools to combat the russian spy threat. At the meeting, I will repeat my proposals for deterring russian spies moving through the Schengen area. This can be achieved quickly- Lipavsky wrote in X.

The proactive steps taken both by Lithuania and the Czech Republic play a vital role in enhancing Europe’s security landscape. It’s essential for other Baltic and European nations to heed these examples and adopt similar measures to fortify their own security frameworks.

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