Defence Intelligence showed the manual for russian subversive campaigners on the invaded territories

The russian invaders have developed a manual, a classified methodical document, by which subversive campaigners convince the residents of the occupied territories of Ukraine that the russian army are not marauders and murderers. This was announced by the Defence Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on Tuesday, August 23.

It reports that the classified manual is intended exclusively for instructors affiliated with the leadership of the “united russia” party and cannot be passed on to third parties. According to the classified manual, the occupiers are allowed to collect funds from the population. However, due to frequent cases of poisoning, it is strictly forbidden to take food products and medicines, in particular hermetically packaged ones.

The classified manual includes a table with questions that the Ukrainian population often asks the occupiers and typical answers with additional explanations.

For example:

Will russia bomb us? – No, russia carries out high-precision strikes on military targets (and the Ukrainian news is falsehood).

I don’t want to live in russia. – You are just afraid. The russian federation is a country of great opportunities. (Notify the military police!).

Why do you do this, you get paid? – No, we are volunteers (i.e., not party members).

Why is the russian army engaged in looting? – The russian army is not engaged in looting (if there are witnesses, say that it is a human factor and that’s all).

They say that there is widespread poverty in russia. – This is a lie. In russia, almost everyone can afford their own car.

We were told about Bucha. – This is a fake from Zelenskyy.

Is it really that Zelenskyy hates us [the Ukrainians]? – Zelenskyy does not decide anything. His patrons from the USA decide everything (remember that he is a drug addict).

Why is military equipment next to the residential houses? – For your protection and safety.

An elderly woman is asking questions to the occupying russian solldiers

▪️ It follows from the classified manual that the “united Russia” party of the kremlin is determined to be the only body that supervises the work of the occupation administrations in the captured Ukrainian territories. Any other organizations can only be there with the approval and strict control of putin’s party. On the other hand, the very connection of the occupation structures with “united russia” is classified information and cannot be disclosed.

▪️ According to the classified manual, the occupiers are allowed to “collect material funds from the population.” At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to take food products and medicines (including hermetically sealed ones) due to frequent cases of poisoning. The classified manual contains a table with the questions most often asked by the Ukrainian population to the occupiers and typical answers with additional explanations. Part 2 It will be recalled that intelligence services previously reported that the Russians are afraid of holding pseudo-referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine. It was also reported that Russia is conducting a covert industrial mobilization.

Source: Slovo i Dilo portal

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