Dieter Bohlen: Tanks cannot free the world from war in Ukraine

The founder of the Modern Talking group considers the war in Ukraine as a terrible event, but he is sure that it is impossible to get rid of this war with the help of violence.

Bohlen said that he has many friends both in Russia and Ukraine, the musician continued. His grandmother and mother are from thea Russian city Kalinigrad (former Koenigsberg), he recalled. Dieter Bohlen, in his words, “feels in himself the sadness of the Russian soul and Russian melancholy.”

Russian sadness and melancholy is caused by one structure: the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as the second army of the world has quickly transformed from “we will capture Kyiv in 2-3 days” to “please, let’s sit down at the negotiating table.”

In any case, Dieter’s statements are clear: you do not need to help the victim when she is attacked in a dark alley, because the transfer of any weapon is the path to confrontation and the continuation of the conflict.

The Internet remembers everything and everyone, such statements can cause a lot of trouble in the future, when, for example, he wants to come to Ukraine after the liberation from Russian invaders.

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