Election interference concerns: suspicions of Russian financing for far-right parties in Germany

The leader of the “90/Greens” party in the German Bundestag and the chairman of the European Committee, Anton Hofreiter, has accused the Russian Federation of financing far-right political parties in Germany.

In an interview with Guildhall, he noted that there are numerous indications pointing to such activities by Russia. Anton Hofreiter acknowledged that while he does not have information about the financing of left-wing political forces, some politicians, such as Sahra Wagenknecht, are guided by ideological beliefs. However, according to him, there is evidence that far-right parties receive financial support from Russia.

Earlier, a group of lawmakers from three political parties in the coalition – the Social Democrats, Greens, and Free Democratic Party – raised concerns about possible Russian interference in the elections for the European Parliament in 2024.

They called on German society to be more aware of this threat and to counter it. The politicians also noted that efforts are being made at the European Union level to counter this threat.

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