EU imposed sanctions on a number of Russian singers, actors, oligarchs and other individuals

The European Union authorities included Russian singer Shaman (Yaroslav Dronov), singer Polina Gagarina, actor Ivan Okhlobystin and founder Aram Gabrelyanov in the “black” list as part of the 14th package of sanctions against Russia.

European officials explained their decision regarding Shaman by the fact that since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the singer “repeatedly participated in concerts organized by the Kremlin, in particular in anniversary events dedicated to the war against Ukraine, and also performed in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

Thus, Yaroslav Dronov supports the Kremlin’s actions and policies that undermine the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

In total, 116 individuals and companies were sanctioned, which are “responsible for actions that undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.” Including:

singer Polina Gagarina,

actor Vyacheslav Manucharov,

businessman Taimuraz Bolloev, who became the head the brewing company “Baltika” after its de facto nationalization,

billionaire and founder of AEON Corporation Roman Trotsenko,

founder of “Russian Copper Company” Ihor Altushkin,

Oleksiy Horeslavskyi, head of ANO “Institute of Internet Development”.

head of Rosymuschestva Vadym Yakovenko,

State Secretary of the Union State Dmytro Mezentsev,

Andriy Klychkov, head of the Oryol Region,

deputy of the Moscow State Duma Maria Kiselyova (ex-presenter of the “Weak link” program),

Kadyrov Foundation,

group of companies “Volga Dnipro”,

Camp “Artek”,

shipping company “Sovcomflot”,

airline “Ural Airlines”

Belarusian Republican Union of Youth,

“Hydromash” enterprise,

Central Research Institute of Precision Machine Building (part of the Kalashnikov concern),

“Railways of Novorossiya”.

Sanctions have been introduced against employees of law enforcement agencies and courts:

Deputy Chief of the FSB Investigative Department Andriy Giba,

investigator of the FSB of Russia in Crimea,

lieutenant colonel Serhii Makhnev,

judge of the Southern District Military Court Ihor Kostin,

judges of military appeal courts Oleksandr Mordovin and Oleg Yehorov,

head of the Russian Navy Oleksandr Moiseyev.

19 Chinese and 9 Turkish companies were added to the sanction list. Sanctions were also introduced against Israeli citizen Mark Blatt, whose company supplies Russia with components for the Ironia intelligence complex.

The new, 14th package of sanctions of the European Union is aimed at the energy sector of the Russian Federation, the financial and trade sectors of the Russian economy, and should also make it even more difficult to circumvent the already introduced restrictions. The new sanctions, among other things, banned the transit of Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG) through European ports.

EU companies that do not operate in Russia have been banned from using the Bank of Russia’s financial reporting system and conducting transactions with companies that use it.

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