Ex Merkel’s adviser made false assumption again

German outlet Bild pointed to the constant mistakes of former general.

Erich Vad, brigade general (ret.), German top military expert, former adviser to Angela Merkel two days before the Kremlin announced that it would withdraw from Cherson, confidently declared in an “ntv” interview that a Russian withdrawal was “not to be expected”. “There will be weeks of fighting here,” says Vad.

He in February 2022: “I think Putin will win this war because Russian armed forces are modern, well-equipped, multiple superiority. No military support from outside will make a difference and in a few days, that will be over. The armed forces of Ukraine have outdated equipment, unfavorable positions and the assistance from USA and UK will make no difference at all. This war will last only a few days.”

Instead of such “experts” as Vad it is probably worth listening to Armed forces of Ukraine, who are successfully liberating Ukrainian territories. Here is the picture of the flag of Ukraine and the EU, which were raised in the center of liberated Kherson on November 11, 2022.

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