EXCLUSIVE: Who is fighting against in Ukraine

As expected, it’s not just 20-year-old conscripts who were sent to “military exercises” and are fighting against Ukraine now. The conscripts have low morale, don’t know how to fight, and are quite quick to surrender — if they have enough time to do so.But there are also others: professional, trained, the elite. Those who know very well where they had been sent and why. Among the latter is the famous elite 76th Guards Air Assault Division. It’s one of the strongest units of the Russian Army. But Ukrainian servicemen don’t know it, and so they effectively exterminate “elite” intruders despite all of their alleged “toughness”.During the fight, several Russian airborn servicemen were captured as POWs along with documents of the 76th Division.

Немає опису світлини.
Немає опису світлини.
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