Exposing the Shadow Trade: How Turkish Firms Fuel Russia’s War Machine Against Ukraine

In a recent investigation, it has come to light that the Turkish firms Jacbac Technology Dis Ticaret and Mertege Makina Sanayi are implicated in a complex scheme of re-exporting machinery produced in Germany and Sweden directly into the hands of the Russian Federation. This operation not only subverts international sanctions but also feeds the very core of Russia’s military-industrial complex, fueling its ongoing aggression in Ukraine.

The machinery, upon reaching Russian soil, finds its way to importers LLC “AVBIS” and “YUMAK” based in Moscow. These entities are not just any commercial businesses but pivotal cogs in the supply chain to some of Russia’s most critical military production units. Among the recipients are the JSC “Research and Production Corporation Ural Wagon Factory” (Uralvagonzavod), renowned for its production of armored vehicles; the JSC “Tactical Missiles Corporation” (KTRV), a manufacturer of missiles; the “Serov Mechanical Plant,” known for its artillery ammunition; and the “Joint-stock company Sevmash,” which builds battleships and submarines.

The ramifications of these transactions are profound. For instance, a CNC machine “Hermle C250 U,” valued at approximately 125,000 euros, was sold through these intermediaries to the Russian company “AVBIS” LLC for a staggering 142,000 euros, highlighting not just a breach of sanctions but also a significant markup aimed at profiteering from this illegal trade.

Further damning evidence shows the LLC “AVBIS” company has been importing machine tools from the German manufacturer SPINNER, directly utilized by the Russian military industry. Similarly, the YUMAK company has imported machinery from Pinnacle Machine Tool valued at over 143 thousand US dollars, aimed at bolstering the Russian Federation’s military capabilities.

These revelations underscore a grim reality: companies that persist in trading with the Russian Federation, especially in supplying sanctioned goods, are unequivocally supporting Russia’s war efforts and its acts of terrorism in Ukraine. Such actions cannot be overlooked or dismissed as mere business ventures; they are deliberate acts that empower an aggressor state at the cost of human lives and global peace.

The international community, and particularly the governments of the countries where these companies are based and operate, must take immediate and decisive action. It is imperative to close all loopholes that allow such transactions to continue unabated. The activities of Jacbac Technology Dis Ticaret, Mertege Makina Sanayi, and their Russian counterparts should not only be condemned in the strongest terms but should also prompt a reevaluation of current sanctions enforcement mechanisms to prevent any further breach. The war in Ukraine is not just a regional conflict but a test of the world’s resolve in upholding international law and human rights. It’s high time for strict measures against those who, through their actions, choose to stand on the wrong side of history.

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