F-16 will definitely appear in Ukraine!

The discussion about providing Ukraine with F-16s has been going on since the beginning of the Russian invasion, but now almost everyone is sure that the jets will be provided.

Confirmation for this opinion appeared as the Air Force Command reports that the training of Ukrainian pilots will begin this August. And the practice of training Ukrainians to work with the Patriot shows that the Ukrainian military can master such Western weapons quite quickly. Aircrafts should not be an exception to this rule.

Given the large territory of Ukraine and the need to protect its sky from Russian missiles and drones, F-16 aircraft with appropriate weapons should become a powerful reinforcement of air defense.

In addition, F-16s will play a role in the liberation of Ukrainian territories, because their weapons capabilities are much wider than those of Russian aircrafts.

These arguments are too strong not to use the F-16 against such a powerful enemy as Russia. Therefore, Ukraine hopes for continued support from the United States , European and other countries, which will provide it with this important tool in the fight for Ukrainian sky.

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