Fascist signs have no limits: a red square means a new invasion?

New, unusual marks on the equipment of the Belarussian military raise suspicions that Minsk will join Russia’s war against Ukraine. 

Tactical signs on military vehicles are used before the invasion of another country so they can distinguish them from the opponents. This principle was leveraged by the Russian troops that launched the war against Ukraine with a full-scale invasion in February.

Ukrainian journalist Andriy Tsaplienko has noticed new marks being put on the Belarussian military vehicles. “New tactical signs, red squares, are visible on the Belarusian equipment that is being driven to the border with Ukraine,” he wrote in his Telegram channel.

Sudden “check of combat readiness” ordered by Lukashenko

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced a sudden check of combat readiness. It was launched according to Lukashenko’s order, the press service of the department reports. These facts were noticed on Charter97.org.

“The measures will be comprehensive. The message says that the troops will have to advance to the designated areas as soon as possible, implement their engineering equipment, organize security and defense, and build bridge crossings across the Neman and Berezina rivers” the message says.

It also notes that “during this period, it is planned to move military vehicles and personnel, temporarily restrict the movement of citizens (transport) along certain public roads and areas of the terrain.”

Tactical markings on combat vehicles 

Signs in the form of the letters Z, V, and O were used by Russia before the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The president of Belarus, an ally of Russia, acts similarly.

The first pictures and videos showing Russian military equipment with incomprehensible marks on board appeared on social networks a few weeks before the start of the war. The Latin letter Z was often found — in a square or without it, but V was also seen.

Most likely, the letters were used as tactical markings to distinguish equipment from different military districts of Russia. However, after a few days, Z and V (but especially Z) became an almost official symbol of the so-called “special military operation” (it’s how Russian regime calls the war against Ukraine). 

It has yet to be known precisely who came up with the idea of making Z one of the vital elements of Russian war propaganda, and what it should mean.

Even before the SMM specialists of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation became involved, the Latin letter Z became an informal and then actually an official symbol of the invasion of Ukraine among supporters of the Russian authorities. 

Now, red squares are visible on Belarusian vehicles. Time will tell what this mark means.

Belarus is transferring military equipment to the EU borders

At the same time, suspicious signs appeared when Belarus was moving its vehicle to the borders. The army of Belarus is moving military equipment in the direction of the “Gozki” training ground, located near the border with Poland and Lithuania. This was informed by the monitoring community “Belarusian Gayun.”

They reported the transfer of at least 20 T-72B tanks, which, following the order of Alexander Lukashenko, are heading to the borders of Poland and Lithuania. We can only guess what Belarus has planned, but vehicles in the direction of the EU are something new and possibly dangerous.

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