Finland Moves to Regulate Ammunition Exports to Russia

In a recent development, the Finnish government is actively pursuing the implementation of a licensing framework for exporting ammunition to Russia, as revealed by the Finnish Ministry of Interior. Citing the Council of the EU’s pivotal decision in 2014, which explicitly prohibits the sale, supply, transfer, or export of arms and related equipment to Russia, the ministry underscores the significance of adhering to this prohibition. Notably, in June 2023, the Council amended its regulations to incorporate additional measures to prevent circumvention of the sanctions imposed on Russia.

According to the ministry’s statement, the amended regulation now conditions the export ban on ammunition upon obtaining authorization from relevant components within an EU member state. The proposed legislative project includes provisions meticulously crafted to delineate the export of cartridge components that necessitate licensing.

A Core Objective: Ensuring Sanctions Compliance

The primary objective of this legislative initiative is to bolster compliance with the European Union’s sanctions decision and, consequently, impede the export of critical components to Russia. In alignment with this overarching goal, the project goes beyond ammunition alone. It extends its purview to encompass items comparable to ammunition, contemplating the necessity of licenses and articulating the requisite regulations when such permits are unavailable within the EU.

The temporal scope of the project is clearly defined, with its mandate set to endure until December 31, 2024. By laying down a comprehensive framework for regulating ammunition exports, Finland aims to play a proactive role in upholding the integrity of the EU sanctions regime and contributing to broader efforts to address geopolitical concerns related to arms proliferation.

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