First Congress of Russian People’s Deputies to be held in Poland

On November 4-7, the first Congress of People’s Deputies will be held in Poland.

On November 4-7, the First Congress of People’s Deputies will be held, which will be attended by opposition, legally elected representatives of the people of Russia, both those who arrived from the Russian Federation and those who are in exile, and who have not stained themselves with cooperation with Putin’s dictatorship and complicity in its crimes.

At the congress, it is planned to adopt a number of important documents that may affect the future fate of Russia after the current government falls.

Among them:

  1. Appeal of the First Congress of People’s Deputies to the governments and parliaments of the countries of the anti-Putin coalition, in which it will be announced that
    the congress assumes the powers of the legitimate transitional parliament of Russia.
  2. On the right to rebellion: the congress considers that the right to rebellion, as the right to resist oppression, the right to revolution and the right to fight against the usurpers of power, including by means of armed struggle, is a natural right that the people of Russia have
  3. Appeals of the First Congress of People’s Deputies to the Russian opposition with a proposal to unite efforts to overthrow the current Russian government
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