First Russia, Then Qatar. Can’t wait for North Korea.

sounds one of the street advertisement slogan in UK.

The final of the 2022 World Cup just over a week ago. For the first time in 36 years, Argentina won and became a three-time world champion by beating France in the final of the WorldCup. This time Qatar hosted The World Cup.

Let’s talk about such a “wonderful” organization as FIFA. What is wrong with organization? The way in which Russia and Qatar were elected led to a corruption scandal, with criminal cases against leaders of FIFA in both cases. Neglecting this, FIFA held the championship. Granting the World Cup to countries where atrocious regimes operate, speaks a lot about cynicism and venality of the main football organization.

Furthermore, North Korea’s national football team is also still a member of FIFA, like Russia. If Kim Jong-un had dropped a couple of billions to Gianni Infantino, chairman of this organization, there is no doubt that the World Cup would also have been held in North Korea.

Australian comedian Howard X was spotted impersonating North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during the Croatia-Morocco football match in Qatar.

And the recent story of the rebuffs of Zelensky’s request for a speech to share a message of peace before the World Cup final reflects the inadequate perception of Gianni Infantino.

When FIFA allowed Russia to host the World Cup in 2018, Putin felt even more power and believed that his actions were correct. He believed that he could take more and more steps. After the World Cup, in February 2019, President Putin signed a decree awarding Infantino with the Order of Friendship for the “huge contribution”. The ceremony took place in Moscow.

We remember the case of the disqualification back in 2018 of a player of the Croatian national football team for the motto “Glory to Ukraine” does not at all fit into the framework of an organization that “seeks to create peace through sport.”

Corrupt organizations like FIFA which depend on dirty money from atrocious regimes and have no moral principles, now actually helps Russia to carry out aggression against Ukraine and does not care about football.

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