Former Latvian MP put on the wanted list for Russian propaganda

Latvian Prosecutor’s Office charged former Seim (Latvian Parliament) deputy Gloria Grevtsova with justifying war crimes of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and put her on the wanted list.

Delfi reports that the Latvian Prosecutor’s Office noted that Grevtsova did not respond to the summons sent, and it was not possible to forcefully bring her to the Prosecutor’s Office since she was not found at her place of residence, so this week the ex-deputy was put on the wanted list.

Grevtsova was charged under two articles of the Latvian Criminal Code – for justifying war crimes and inciting national hatred (against Ukrainians). Such crimes may be punishable by imprisonment for a term of up to five years, probation supervision, community service or a fine.

The investigation was led by the State Security Service of Latvia before the case was transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The State Security Service began a criminal proceedings against Grevtsova in relation to a video message published on TikTok while she still was a deputy. In the video, Grevtsova doubted the reliability of the information posted in the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia and the words of the guide.

During the investigation, the Service also discovered other video messages from Grevtsova, which contain signs of criminal offenses. In the videos published by Grevtsova, the State Security Service established that the former deputy justified Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine.

Recently, the State Security Service of Latvia opened a criminal case against Member of the European Parliament Tatyana Zhdanok, who is suspected of collaborating with Russian intelligence services.

After this, other Latvian legislators warned that there are other members of the European Parliament who deliberately serve Russian interests.

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