FSB makes available a fake video of a “saboteur attack”

FSB published the first video from the Bryansk Region a day after the “attack by Ukrainian saboteurs” claimed by the Russian authorities.

The footage has been edited. It shows two cars. The first video shows a VAZ 2107 with bullet holes in the body and broken windows. The second video shows a Niva with no obvious damage other than punctured tires.

In both cases, the bodies of the dead are shown in the cars. The video of the VAZ 2107 has been retouched and shows something resembling blood in the passenger compartment. Telegram channel “We can explain” pointed out that the video footage shows the car standing in one place, while the photos show it in another.

“Niva” (Russian President Vladimir Putin said it was shot by “saboteurs”) is shown in a short video and in two photos. In the video, the car is on the road, while in the photos it is in a ditch. The first photo shows the car from the outside, while the second one, taken from the inside of the car, shows the back of the deceased.

VAZ 2107 was not previously mentioned in reports of “sabotage” in the Bryansk region.

FSB video also shows pictures of mines, a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher, and one shell casing. Only one of these photos captured the terrain. In other cases, the weapons were taken close-up. It is not possible to determine whether the photos were taken directly at the scene.

The office of the Ukrainian president described the incident as a “classic provocation”.

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