“Funds for the army turned into villas in Cyprus”: why Russian mobilization failed

After Putin announced “partial” mobilization, Russians began to flee Russia en masse. Especially men. There are those who were captured and sent to the frontlines in Ukraine. However, the fear of death is not the only thing that influenced the failure of such a weak mobilization campaign ordered by Russian president Putin.

It is all about corruption. Even those already mobilized record videos in which they urge to take basic things with them, because the state has not provided them with anything. This was stated by political analyst Oleksandr Morozov on Channel 24.

Mobilized Russians are not provided with the basics

Although it is strange that even being in some camps in the woods, even without a sleeping bag, they do not call to escape. Instead, they only say to take more essentials.

According to Morozov, in such a situation, they are virtually hopeless. It remains only to describe the effective state of affairs.

Even the Russian authorities have already admitted that the announced mobilization turned into a chaos. Moreover, there are reports that the theft of a huge amount of military uniforms was exposed in Transbaikalia, Morozov said.

Where the stolen funds went?

Why this happened is obvious. The system of the Russian Defense Ministry is corrupted. Although the money for the modernization of the army over the past 12 years has been allocated in billions, it has been stolen.

“Yes, the money for the army – supply, logistics, defense – turned into villas in Cyprus and other resort places,” Morozov said.

Russia opens mobile military commissariats on the borders

After about 700 thousand Russians fled from Russia, conscripts began to be intercepted in the Pskov region on the borders with Estonia and Latvia. For this purpose, mobile recruitment points were set up. Anyone who wants to leave Russia must be checked.

Military registration and enlistment offices have also been established on the border with Finland. In particular, in Vyborg district of Leningrad region, they serve calls to those who are subject to partial mobilization. Others enlist for military service allegedly voluntarily.

In the south, the queues of evaders on the border with Georgia were visible from space. Therefore, after the published satellite images, Russia quickly deployed its mobile point for conscripts.

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