Gay p*rn at German kindergardens, mass children kidnappings in USA, black transplantology in Ukraine – top Russian propaganda myths

Some things never change. This statement perfectly describes the core pillars of Russian propaganda against the West. Gay porn in kindergartens, kidnapping of hundreds of thousands of children in the USA, thriving black organ market in Ukraine – are the most-recurring propaganda themes in Russian media.

The panel “Traditional Values as an Indicator of a Healthy Society” was held within the framework St. Petersburg International Economic Forum of in Russia last week. Russian officials and propagandists “showed” the advantages of the Russian Federation to the guests of the St. Petersburg forum, using myths that had long been debunked. These propaganda pieces were once again spread by Margarita Simonyan Russian top propagandist, editor-in-chief of the Russian state-controlled broadcaster RT.

1️. “Three-year-old children in kindergartens in Germany are shown gay p*rn, and mastur***ion rooms have been introduced for children”, said the head of RT Margarita Simonyan. Debunked as a manipulation of the Bild publication, the publication was marked as “denied” back in January 2024.

Another Bild publication reported about the aforementioned rooms that may appear but, as it was found out later, the article referred to quotes taken out of context from an unapproved project.

2️. “In Canada, a man was sent to prison because he could no longer call his daughter daughter”.

The source of this post is the far-right publication The New American “, but it was also distorted. The father of a 14-year-old girl was found guilty of domestic violence, and the judge issued a protective order under which the father could be arrested if he tries to call his daughter a gender other than her self-identified one.
Fake-checked, marked as fake.

3️. “Do you know who is the leader in selling… missing children in the world? USA! 358 thousand missing children a year,” said State Duma (Russian Parliament) Deputy Speaker Anna Kuznetsova.

The Ukrainian anti-fake project refuted these figures in March 2023. In fact, most of the cases from these statistics refer to children leaving home, in 99% the children are found later.

4️. “The first law adopted by Ukrainian parliament removes all barriers that lead to organ transplantation”.

The propaganda myth about black transplantologists in Ukraine appeared back in 2019. In fact, the law only regulates the fact of lifetime consent to transplantation. However, the presumption of consent to organ donation exists in Russia.

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