German prosecutors raid home of pro-Russian activists

The search in the flat of Elena Kolbasnikova is linked to suspicions of supporting the Russian army, using the Z symbol and spreading an appeal to join the Wagner PMC. The woman is already awaiting trial on a different charge.

The search in the house of pro-Russian activist Elena Kolbasnikova, who is accused by German authorities of war propaganda due to her public endorsement of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, took place on Monday, 27 March. This was reported by Kolbasnikova’s lawyer on Twitter. The information was confirmed by the Cologne prosecutor’s office.

The woman is suspected of collecting money and things in Germany to support the Russian army in Donbas, the Cologne prosecutor’s office pointed out in response to an enquiry by the online publication t-online. According to investigators, Kolbasnikova travelled to Donbass with her husband in the autumn of 2022 and gave warmed tents to the Russian military carrying out the invasion of Ukraine. In doing so, Kolbasnikova have violated the provisions of paragraph 18 of the Law on Foreign Economic Activity, which establishes a ban on, inter alia, the export and transfer of goods subject to EU sanctions.

Kolbasnikova is also suspected of endorsing crimes. According to the prosecutor’s office, she uses the German-banned Z symbol on Telegram, which denotes support for the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine. In addition, she spread a call to join the Wagner PMC in one of the chats she moderated, investigators found.

During a search of the woman’s flat on 27 March, laptops, documents and other items which may confirm Kolbasnikova’s involvement in the above-mentioned offences were confiscated.

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