Germany plans to arm itself against drones over espionage

Recently, flights of unknown drones have been recorded over German barracks. In particular, this applies to places where Ukrainian soldiers train. The Ministry of Defense does not comment on the origin of the UAV, but sources have repeatedly pointed to the trace of the Russian Federation.

Did Russian services in Germany use drones to spy on the military training areas where Ukrainian soldiers are trained? The Bundeswehr is gearing up. 

The Tagesspiegel learned this from security sources. In the past few months, flights of suspicious drones over German barracks have been observed – including at locations where German instructors train Ukrainian officers on NATO weapons.

Whether agents from Russian intelligence services controlled the drones, as someone familiar with the incident suspects, has not been proven. The Federal Ministry of Defense does not comment “on any security-related incidents”, as a spokesman said.

The Bundeswehr is currently using the HP-47 jammer to counter drones. According to “Spiegel”, there were suspicious sightings of drones last summer, which is why the Bundeswehr began to procure new jamming weapons. This process is now being intensified because the number of available “jammers” is still not enough.

As per the report by “Spiegel”, suspicious UAVs were observed last year not only at the Bundeswehr locations Idar-Oberstein in Rhineland-Palatinate and Grafenwöhr in Bavaria, where Ukrainians were trained. There was also at least one incident in Munster, said an expert, that could be classified as an “espionage attempt”.

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