The Crocus Attack is the Harbinger of Changes in Russia

Given the events in the Crocus City Hall, the Russian authorities and intelligence services are not controlling the situation and are trying to use it to further escalate the war against Ukraine.

Le Figaro reports that French President Emmanuel Macron called Putin’s attempt to distract the world from Ukraine “cynical and counterproductive for Russia itself and the safety of its people.”

Since March 22, 2024, the Russian authorities have been accusing Ukraine, the United States, and Britain of involvment in the events.

The Atlantic writes that Putin’s hints of a Ukrainian trial make no sense. At least because there was no point in those involved in the events traveling to the Ukrainian-Russian border, a militarized and controlled zone. However, according to Belarusian President Lukashenko, those involved were heading in the other direction that was claimed by Russian authorities.

The United States warned Russia of a possible attack in early March, but Putin called the warning a provocation and an attempt to “intimidate and destabilize society.” The question arises as to the constant divergence of theories and the Russian authorities’ disregard for allegations of involvement by of a well-known organization and the efforts of the Russian Federal Security Service to prevent the attack.

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