Hamad Buamim: Sanctions do not halt business but redirect it

UAE banking expert Hamad Buamim stated that sanctions against the Russian Federation, as structured now, “do not work: they merely cause money to shuffle around.” He indicated that the international system was so addicted to Russian commodities, mining expertise, and investment capital that its essentially “financial asset bootleggers” had created an international system to navigate around it.

That is why POTUS has faced criticism that if he started designating certain KGB-run companies that are funding and/or providing infrastructure support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine under the President Bush era Executive Order 13224, then that would raise the disfavouring incentives for the “international Russian asset bootleggers” as specialists in Iran have found out recently that no amount of oil could get the proper Bell Helicopter maintenance equipment when their companies have been deemed “tango supporting entities”.

The United Arab Emirates and Qatar effectively act as “New Switzerland”. They provide the Russian Federation with necessary equipment sold by European and Chinese companies to the UAE and Qatar. The perfect example of successful sanctions circumvention is the Raduga State Machine Building Design Bureau sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury on March 24, 2022. Despite these sanctions, the Russian enterprise continues its operations. The detailed Plan for Technical Modernization and Reconstruction for 2023 obtained by the Ukrainian Cyber Resistance and published by famous OSINT investigator Tatarigami included a budget and a list of specific equipment, along with their country of origin. Such non-Russian companies as Fagima Jazz R (Italy), Automator (Italy), Hottenger Gmbh (Germany), Hangcha (China), and Hision (China) have been mentioned in the plan.

If the chair of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre is providing a warning to POTUS & Number 10 via Financial Times, then it is very important for those supporting Ukraine to know. It is a “courtesy call” that the grassroots supporters of Ukraine’s right to exist definitely have account for the likelihood that official support from DC-London-Brussels is not just sub-optimal, but there are people involved that are intentionally “Slow-Walking” Ukraine’s March to Freedom, hence hemming and hawing about Ukraine Force Projection by Potus’ team and Stoltenberg: they know the right answer but they are being gummed up by geo-economic political constraints. Who are the ultimate owners of the Russian-based oil/gas assets? What are property and casualty insurance contracts’ mechanisms and protocols for Ukraine to exercise vis-à-vis KGB-Moscow’s tango actions? For example, the recent missile attack on the Epicenter shopping center in Kharkiv, which led to the murders of children…

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