Head of Russian church condones the killing of Ukrainians

Alexei Pavlov, Assistant Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev, has put forward a new slogan for the fight against Ukraine. There was demilitarization, denazification, and now – the desatanization of Ukraine.

The murderers talk about sainthood

Pavlov spoke in one of the propaganda publications of the Russian Federation with a large text in which he essentially opposes freedom of conscience as such. He accuses Ukrainians of adhering to different religious confessions. Including those followed by the citizens of the Russian Federation as well.

And no one calls for the desatanization of Russia, the political analyst Vitaliy Portnikov wonders. However, it should be, given that the Russian Orthodox Church, which covers the majority of believers in Russia, openly supports the war and calls for murder of Ukrainians.

However, the very idea of desatanization, which is being worked out in the apparatus of the Security Council of Russia, once again confirms the fact that the Kremlin is trying to find new justifications for its aggressive war against the Ukrainian state. They put forward new conditions, under which it is ready to stop their cruel war with Ukraine.

“Military duty washes away all sins” – Russian Patriarch Kirill

In September, Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church said in a Sunday sermon to Russians that sacrifice “during the execution of military duty” “washes away all sins.”

“And at the same time the church is aware that if someone, moved by a sense of duty, by the need to take an oath, remains faithful to his calling and dies during the execution of military duty, he is certainly committing an act tantamount to sacrifice. He sacrifices himself for others. And so we believe that this sacrifice washes away all the sins one has committed,” he said.

Kirill addressed the Russian army talking about a “historic importance”

In April, the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church delivered another military propaganda speech, exactly during the days when the Russian troops were committing war crimes, mass murders, rapes and looting in Ukraine.

“In wartime, service in the Armed Forces is a true accomplishment, and that is precisely the time we are now experiencing. Service requires the readiness of everyone who has taken the oath to defend the homeland, not sparing his life; and so today our special prayer is for the Armed Forces, for our soldiers, with whom we associate our hope for security, for freedom, for the true independence of our country”, Kirill said.

And he continued: “Our entire nation must wake up today, must wake up, must understand that a special time has come, a time upon which the historic fate of our nation may depend. That is precisely why I was celebrating Divine Liturgy here today in this very temple – to meet first of all with the representatives of our Armed Forces, to address them, and through them – to our entire army, navy and all the defenders of the Fatherland, so that they are aware of the historic importance of the moment we are experiencing.”

A bloody sect “with a log in the eye”

Many could not understand what the slogan “denazification” means, given that there are no Nazis in Ukraine. Now it is clear. Denazification is the destruction of all who consider themselves Ukrainians, who want to speak Ukrainian, do not believe in the Russian fake version of history, and who do not want to worship the Russian Fuhrer, Vladimir Putin.

Now Russian religious propagandists come with a nonsense concept of desatanization. These are all those who are not going to agree with the militaristic slogans of Moscow Patriarch Kirill, who see that the Russian Orthodox Church is not a church, but a sect of those who adore war and murder. And, of course, the Russian political leadership would also like to deal with such individuals. And so to the so-called denazification the terrorist regime adds the so-called desatanization.

But the desatanization of Russia would really be timely. At least – the liberation of all those territories that have been occupied by Russia since the early 90s and are used as an instrument of destabilization in the post-Soviet area.

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