Head of the Romanian Army: In fact, it is a war of Russia with the democratic world.

Breaking warning from the top of the Army. The head of Romania’s army, Gheorghiță Vlad, said there was a risk of escalation of the conflict in Ukraine and that our country must speed up the deployment of defence forces.

General Gheorghiță Vlad, Head of the Romanian Army: “The forecast we make also foresees scenarios such as the escalation of conflicts, including military ones. We are still counting on deterrence generated by a defensive capability. That is why we are pressing the pedal to reinforce the institution of national defence and to strengthen NATO deterrence and defence”.

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Romanian army chief General Gheorghiță Vlad said in an interview with Europa Liberă in February that the law on preparing the population for defence should be amended so that Romanians are trained and prepared in the event of war. He says there is a draft law to this effect, submitted to parliament, and he hopes it will be adopted this year.

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“The Russian Federation has become a problem for the world order, for democracy. In fact, it is a war of Russia with the democratic world. It is not a war with Ukraine. Yes, the people of Romania, like the whole population of the European Union, of Europe, have to worry and we have to take the appropriate measures to be prepared. I personally, not necessarily as a military man, believe that the Russian Federation will not stop there. If it wins in Ukraine, the main target will be the Republic of Moldova. We will see tensions in the Western Balkans. I am more than convinced that President Putin’s policy will escalate in the immediate future,” said Chief of Defence Staff General Gheorghiță Vlad.

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