Herbert Kickl: Alleged Links to Russia?

Herbert Kickl, who is the leader of far-right Freedom Party of Austria, has denied any link to the Kremlin in the course of investigation into alleged espionage of Russia in Austria. He said that he had no personal connection to the Kremlin in a committee of enquiry, in the Austrian Parliament.

Having served as Minister of the Interior from 2017 to 2019, nowadays Herbert Kickl is a witness in a subcommittee aimed at ascertaining whether right-wing and social democratic politicians abused power or not. The espionage of Russia in Austria is related to a former officer of the Austrian intelligence and alleged double agent.

It is said that the alleged double agent provided Jan Marsalek, the former manager of Wirecard, with valuable information. However, the leader of Freedom Party of Austria confirmed that Marsalek had some meetings with particular officials from the Ministry of the Interior for the purpose of discussing some ideas regarding stopping North African refugees.

Many influential people and security institutions have criticized the far-right party led by Herbert Kickl for its position towards Russia. The party does not support sanctions against the Russian Federation. Kickl urged the Austrian government to normalize relations of Vienna with Moscow in February. Moreover, the party concluded an agreement of friendship with United Russia, the party of ruler of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, in 2016.

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