Hitler’s Manual. Does the world want World War 3? 

Here is the article by the Ukrainian journalist Alina Polyakova for Ukrayinska Pravda:

They say that historical events can only be evaluated after some time has passed. However, some events have already been inscribed as chapters in future history textbooks.

The Chornobaivka legend. The Massacre in Bucha. The Battle for Donbas.

This is the history of Ukraine that my children will study at school. And for some reason it is very similar to the one I was taught.

The Beijing Olympics ended on 20 February 2022. Three days later, Putin started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The Games in Sochi ended on 23 February 2014. Three days before the end of the Sochi Olympics, Putin began annexing Crimea.

Even back then, eight years ago, putin seemed to be following Hitler’s manual, who in March 1938 brought troops to Austria and held a so-called “referendum” there, and then carried out an Anschluss (annexation).

The weak reaction of the world to these actions led to further invasions. This time, politicians have admitted that [about the annexation of Crimea – ed.].

“Protection of the Russian-speaking population” also sounds like a “good, new” topic [in Russian propaganda justifying the invasion of Ukraine – ed.]. In Mein Kampf, Hitler declared his desire to unite all Germans in a single state.

In 1938, there were about three million ethnic Germans in Czechoslovakia, and according to Hitler’s concepts and wishes, they ought to live in a single German Reich.

Behind the backs of Czechs, the Germans, Italians, French, and British, who allegedly did not want a repeat of the First World War, signed an agreement to give this territory to Hitler, hoping that he would not encroach on more.

This is how the Sudetenland was separated from Czechoslovakia and annexed to Germany. Only Great Britain seems to have drawn lessons from those events.

Putin in Ukraine was counting on the same outcome, shaking up the domestic political situation with pro-Russian parties, just as German parties in Czechoslovakia did in 1938.

The only problem is that the result in Ukraine was unsatisfactory. Viktor Medvedchuk and others squandered money intended to be spent on propaganda on golden carriages.

Poland entered the war with Germany, who had committed a provocation before [A false flag operation against the Gleiwitz radio station, along with some two dozen similar incidents, was manufactured by Germany as a casus belli to justify the invasion of Poland]. Russia tried to commit a similar provocation a few days before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, alleging that the latter had fired on a border checkpoint in the Rostov region.

But the provocation turned out to be so clumsy that everyone quickly saw through this fake. Because even if you follow the manual, you have to proceed normally.

In 1939, the World War II broke out. Here it is important to pay attention to Mr Orban, because for Ukraine, the second World War began with the invasion of Hungarian troops.

I know one thing: no great power can stand by passively and watch what is happening.


All demands – on the limitation of armaments and, if necessary, disarmament, on restrictions on military production, the prohibition of certain types of modern weapons  were rejected.


I ordered our air force to limit itself to attacks on military targets. If the enemy decides that this gives him carte blanche to wage war by all possible methods, he will receive a devastating answer.


I have worn this uniform, which was precious and sacred to me. I will not take it off until our victory, because I will not survive defeat.”

No, this is not Putin’s speech on 23 February. This is the speech by Adolf Hitler on 1 September 1939. But the narrative is damn similar.

As well, Putin’s speech on 18 March 2014 on the annexation of Crimea is similar to Hitler’s speech on the Anschluss of Austria. 

However, this is not the only thing Putin has borrowed from Hitler. There is still disrespect for international law (hello, Budapest Memorandum), a ban on the opposition, the destruction of the free media and the creation of propaganda (hello, RIA Novosti). By the way, world leaders also tried to reach an agreement with Hitler back in 1939 (hello, Macron).

Moreover, both Hitler and Putin were named “Person of the Year” by Time magazine.

Does the world want a Third World War? It says no. Is the world doing everything to prevent it? Not yet.

The vast majority of the world continues to watch the genocide of the Ukrainian people as a new series on Netflix.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin leader still believes not only in the rejuvenating power of young deer’s blood, but also in his own uniqueness and ability to surpass Hitler’s glory.

We hope that he will end his life the same way as his idol did.

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