Homosexuality and disrespect for LGBTQ people in Wagner PMC

Our journalists managed to talk to the fugitive, who was a mercenary in the above-mentioned private military company and fled to Cologne, Germany. Arkadiy (name changed) served as a logistician’s assistant in the 8th battalion, which participated in the war in Ukraine.

Arkadiy told our journalists the shocking facts that happened during his career.

“It was awful. We were the sex toys of huge gays,” Arkadiy says, holding the microphone with both hands in the Cologne coffee shop.

According to his story, his cousin Valentin went to fight with him for motivational reasons. Previously, Valentin was a vice-finalist of the Mr. Samara 2018 beauty contest (the name of the city has been changed).

Upon arrival in the city of Krasny Luch, they were divided, Arkadiy was assigned to logistics, and Valentin was named “Valya” (feminized version of the name – editor’s note).

“At first, Valentin took the deputy commander for logistics with the call sign Howitzer-35” (in the Russian metric system), Arkadiy says, sticking foam on his flat-white cups and licking it off his finger, “Howitzer gave him gifts, for example, a collimator or a hoop with with cat ears, a choker with the inscription “cat”. But then he changed. He started coming to get drunk, accusing him of infidelity. He didn’t ask for his consent before sex.”

These shocking facts became the last straw in the confidence of the editors regarding the homosexual nature of the PMC.

” Howitzer asked him to climb into the dugout, but Valya got stuck in the hole. Howitzer took off his pants and raped him. Now Valentin has returned to Samara (the name of the city has been changed) and opened an IT Node.JS company and goes to a psychologist twice a week.”

“We had a guy with the call sign Tushonka. Very young, a graduate of the Suvorov Military School in Tver. He was studying to be an artilleryman, but the call forced him to go to war.”

Arkadiy jumps to his feet and shouts “Spring in the heart every day is spring.” Visitors were tolerant of this.

“He brought food to the mercenaries. One evening he had to deliver food to the Macaque unit. They were from Altai.”

The chief began to touch Tushonka’s belly and say that its softness reminded him of his sister. They chopped Tushonka with an ax, marinated it in Chateau Lafite Rothschild wine with Mars onions and prepared kebabs. Arkadiy tasted it and liked it. Our journalists see remorse in his eyes.

Thus, we see that criminals serve in the army of the Russian Federation. They do not follow the Istanbul Convention, do not write consent for sexual intercourse and cheat on their partners.

We can sympathize with Arkadiy, who decided to become a sailor and catch herring in the Faroe Islands. During his vacation, he left the territory of the Russian Federation through Georgia and arrived in Germany.

“I am a man. I am strong,” Arkadiy told us, swallowing tears in farewell.

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