How a French propagandist lied about Russian crimes in Bucha and promoted Kremlin narratives

Today we introduce you a French propagandist Adrien Bocquet. He’s a former soldier, who skillfully lies about the Russian-Ukrainian war.  In his interviews Bocquet stated that he has “hundreds of videos of war crimes committed by the Ukrainian military.” However, not a single video or photo has yet been published or handed over by him to law enforcement agencies in France, which is directly involved in the investigation of the Bucha war crimes.

In May, 2022, Bocquet was interviewed by Andre Bercoff on Sud Radio. During the show Adrien denied any wrongdoings by the Russian forces in Bucha & stated that the war crimes over were actually done by the Azov Regiment.He also said that the American journalists were “in on it” & helped the Ukrainians to stage the fake scene with dead bodies.

Trip to Ukraine

Bocquet’s stories have been fact-checked by CheckNews, which is part of the French Liberation

According to Ukrainian border guards and research by CheckNews, Bocquet first entered the village of Shehyni on April 4 and left on the same day from the same place. His second crossing, on April 5, happened at the same border post, and he left on April 6 to travel back and forth again in one day.

The next time he returned to Ukraine was more than a week later – on April 17, – entering through Krakivets, about 20 kilometers north along the Polish border. He stayed in Ukraine until April 19, and then left through Shehyni, and this was his longest stay (less than 72 hours). His last entry, again across the Polish border, was between April 19 and 20.

And during his longest stay in Ukraine, less than 72 hours from April 17 to 19, he explained that he had witnessed the shelling in Lviv on April 18, which makes it impossible for him to have travelled back and forth (unlikely under such conditions) to Bucha. There were no battles in Bucha during his stay.

“Humanitarian mission”

By his own words, Bocquet came to Ukraine at the beginning of the war to provide “humanitarian aid”.

French BFM.TV aired several photos that seemingly confirm Bocquet’s stay in Ukraine as part of a humanitarian mission. These photos were taken against the backdrop of a van that bears the logo of the Sheptytsky Hospital Charitable Fund, an organization located in Lviv. StopFake turned to the Fund’s director, Andriy Login for a comment.

Login told that Adrien Bocquet came to the Fund’s office in Lviv only twice and never systematically worked with them. During both visits – at lunchtime on April 4 and around midnight on April 6 – he arrived unannounced in private transport with several companions and packages of humanitarian aid.  According to Andriy Login, he wasn’t able to converse with the group, as they seemed to know only French (although in his interviews Bocquet claimed that he knows a bit of Russian and Ukrainian and could therefore understand what the “Ukrainian Nazis of the Azov Battalion” were talking about among themselves in Bucha).

Incidentally, all of Bocquet’s stories line up perfectly with Russian propaganda on Bucha and the “Azov Nazis”.Of course Russia has also used Bocquet’s “confessions” on their propaganda channels, and his lies have been repeated for example by Izvestia & Komsomolskaya Pravda.

In Jan, 2023, Bocquet applied for Russian citizenship and for political asylum in Russia. As of today, he has published 0 videos and 0 photos as evidence of his ridiculous accusations.

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