How Russian security services let the terrorist attack on Crocus happen

The world was shocked by the terrorist attack in Russia, but the Russians are the most shocked and horrified. They are shocked by the fact that they are unprotected in public spaces in their every-day lives and that the security forces are unable to guarantee the safety of citizens.

Putin’s regime allocates billions to its security bloc, including for anti-terrorism measures, but they are obviously spent only on protecting the regime itself and the ruling elite.

Russia’s Federal Security Service missed the attack, while other countries’ intelligence agencies warned of the threat two weeks ago. Analysts from the FSB failed to identify the threat, allowing terrorists equipped with assault rifles and flamethrowers to enter a crowded commercial center without any obstacles. Moreover, the Russian security services let the terrorists leave the Moscow region with ease.

The traffic police seemed to be on vacation on the day of the attack and stopped patrolling. The shopping center building is guarded by the Rosgvardia, headed by Zolotov, a former Putin bodyguard. However, the Rosgvardia forces did not notice the heavily armed terrorists.

Dictator Putin obviously spends all his resources on controlling the occupied Ukrainian territories and destroying Ukrainian cities with super-expensive missiles. The regime has no time or resources left to ensure the safety of Russians.

Accused of organizing murders and sabotage abroad and terrorizing Ukrainians in the occupied territories, the Russian special services are ill-prepared to combat terrorists on their own territory. Will we hold the leaders of the security forces accountable for their unprofessionalism, negligence, and irresponsibility? Will we see the removal of FSB chief Bortnikov and Rosgvardia chief Bolotov from office?

It is most likely that the old dictator’s henchmen will retain their positions. While the population will silently watch as life in the Russian Federation is becoming highly dangerous.

Men face a high risk of conscription and death in a remote Donbas village as a result of Putin’s war against Ukraine, driven by the maniacal interests of the ruling imperialistic elite.

The Belgorod region is already hit by the war, and those who work at strategic facilities and defense plants face the threat of meeting Ukrainian retaliatory drones. And now, people see that deadly terrorist attacks pose a grave threat to all Russians, with no exception.

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