Hungary: The Destabilizing Force for the EU

Tolerance, softness, and loyalty of the European politicians towards Russian agents in the EU will not lead to good. When the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, began not latently, but openly and actively to support Russian narratives and the rogue state, it was clear that Europe was plunging into a serious internal crisis, not because of the presence of Orbán, like a lousy sheep in the herd, but because of the inaction of the herd itself.

Now Viktor Orbán is entering a new level of destabilization of Europe, not just blocking initiatives to help Ukraine, but catalyzing and sponsoring a new war in Europe, in the Balkans. This week Viktor Orbán visits Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), where he will hold a meeting with the President of the Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik. Viktor Orbán will give Dodik 100 million euros, which he calls “investments in the social sphere”, but there is a nuance. Viktor Orbán is currently a mediator through which the funds for destabilizing the EU are transferred.

It is Milorad Dodik who blocks the issue of BiH joining the European Union, promotes the idea of splitting BiH, by supporting the exit of Respublika Srpska from BiH. The EU is deliberately introducing strengthened personal sanctions against Dodik, but Viktor Orban will block them in turn.

In fact, thanks to Viktor Orban, Euroskeptic sentiments and pro-Russian policies are now being financed, which, considering the tension in the region, may quickly turn into another bloody conflict in the Balkans. In turn, the next war in the Balkans may distract Europe from Ukraine, which is what the Russians are striving for.

Russia’s goal is to exclude Bosnia and Herzegovina from joining the EU, split it up, and provoke bloodshed. Thus, this is exactly what Viktor Orban is financing Dodik for.

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