If Putin uses nuclear weapons against Ukraine, the US would destroy Russian fleet and army – ex-CIA director

General David Petraeus, a retired US general and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, declared that if Russia uses nuclear weapons, the US and its allies will annihilate Russian forces and a fleet in Ukraine, the Guardian has reported.

If Russian President Vladimir Putin uses nuclear weapons, Petraeus claims that the US and its allies will destroy Russian troops and weaponry in Ukraine and sink the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

He stated that he discussed this issue with Jake Sullivan, national security assistant to US President Joe Biden, and that he was aware that Moscow had been forewarned by Washington about the repercussions numerous times.

According to an unlikely scenario, Petraeus said, “We and our NATO allies would respond and destroy all Russian conventional troops that we can see and identify on the battlefield in Ukraine, as well as in Crimea and on any ship in the Black Sea.”

When asked if the use of nuclear weapons by Russia in Ukraine would lead to a war, Petraeus said that Article 5 of the Alliance on Collective Defense would not be activated. He is, however, certain that his depiction of his allies’ response would be accurate.

At the same time, he added that the spread of radiation on the soil of a nation that is a part of NATO may be seen as an attack on one of its members.

Putin is in a desperate state as a result of the failures in Ukraine, Petraeus said, and the use of tactical nuclear weapons won’t impact the combat dynamics.

“Putin and Russia’s situation could possibly get worse. And nothing will change it, not even the use of tactical nuclear bombs. Nevertheless, you must take the threat seriously “added Petraeus.

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