Impending internal battle in Russia: terrorist Girkin threatened propagandist Solovyov

Russian terrorist, ex-GRU officer Igor Girkin and the Kremlin’s propagandist Vladimir Solovyov argued about the failures of the Russian Federation in the war against Ukraine.

The verbal skirmish was so severe that Girkin promised to prevent Solovyov from escaping from Russia after its loss in the war.

The conflict between them began when the Kremlin state propaganda TV presenter Solovyov blamed Girkin for his ineffectiveness in the war against Ukraine. It became known in the fall that the terrorist behind the MH17 missile strike allegedly had gone to war. But later, Girkin returned from the front because he was not allowed to go to war.

Girkin criticizes the actions of the Russian army in Ukraine. In particular, he said that if the Russian generals continue to fight, as, in the previous ten months, Russia has every chance of losing the war.

Girkin appealed to those who would try to flee to different western countries after the defeat of Russia. In particular, he mentioned those who have real estate on Lake Como in Italy, Solovyov, whose villa had been arrested by the Italian authorities.

Solovyov made fun of the return of Girkin from the front. According to him, the former intelligence officer was allegedly not allowed to participate in the war. In response, Girkin said that Solovyov had lied. The terrorist said he wanted a public debate with the propagandist.

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