In Serbia, pro-Russian activists who threatened mass disorder have been arrested

On February 15th, three participants of an anti-government protest were detained in Belgrade. All three have been charged with incitement to violent change of the constitutional order and illegal possession of weapons.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Interior, the detained individuals “called on citizens to gather in Belgrade for a violent overthrow of the government and the president of Serbia.”

The detainees as revealed to be three “activists”, including the leader of the far-right pro-Russian organization “National Patrol,” Damjan Knezevic. Their arrest was announced on the organization’s social media page.

It should be noted that on February 15th, hundreds of Serbian nationalists and pro-Russian “activists” held a rally in central Belgrade, demanding that the government abandon negotiations on the normalization of relations with Kosovo. The participants of the rally stated that they do not support the West’s plan for Kosovo and threatened unrest if the Serbian authorities adopt this plan.

Earlier, Kosovo accepted the European Union’s proposal for the normalization of relations with Serbia.

Peace in Europe is beneficial to everyone except Russia, which is trying to divide countries and support banned and extremist organizations around the world.

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