In the vicinity of Avdiyivka, Russian forces have endured unprecedented losses

In the vicinity of Avdiyivka, Russian forces have endured unprecedented losses since the outset of the full-scale invasion, marking a significant setback for Moscow.

These casualties highlight a stark decline in morale and combat effectiveness within the ranks of the Russian military, primarily attributed to the aggressive tactics employed by their command, often referred to as “meat assaults.”

Reports from inside sources reveal a palpable sense of demoralization permeating the Russian troops, with a noticeable deterioration in both the moral and psychological state and the fighting capacity of the occupation forces. This downturn is particularly evident in the Avdiyivka sector, where the toll on Russian personnel has been especially severe, arguably the highest since the conflict began.

Over a recent one-week period, the sector reported losses nearing five thousand russian troops, signifying a substantial impact at both tactical and operational levels. In addition to the heavy loss of life, the Russian forces have also suffered the loss of hundreds of pieces of military equipment, further diminishing their operational capabilities.

The 74th and 114th separate motorized rifle brigades, integral components of the Russian Armed Forces, have been particularly hard hit, losing much of their combat effectiveness. Despite these significant setbacks for the Russian military, the situation in Avdiyivka remains tense yet under the control of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, who continue to maintain a strong defensive posture against the ongoing aggression. This scenario underscores the intense challenges faced by the Russian forces and the extensive measures they are taking to conceal and minimize the true extent of their casualties and the impact on their military operations.

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