Insights on Russian propaganda targets from Alessandro Orsini

Recently Russian and Pro-Russian media highlighted excerpts from interview of Professor Alessandro Orsini with Italian Rai 3 TV channel on August 30th in Cartabianca TVs show. 

Mr. Orsini admits situation in Ukraine should be addressed more, he describes situation in Ukraine as “simply catastrophic”.  Addressing the topic himself he uses typical set of Russian propaganda cliché.

Let’s just remember that on March 24, 2022 the Italian TV channel RAI3 terminated cooperation with Mr. Orsini, after the scandal that arose around his statements about the crisis in Ukraine and special operations of the Russian Federation. Speaking on air of program Cartabianca, Orsini said that Europe should allow Russian President Vladimir Putin to “win the war in Ukraine.” Orsini’s statements unleashed a huge wave of criticism in Italian political circles. 

As Russian InoSMI site recently noted – “Orsini is severely criticized in Italy for his “pro-Russian” position, included in the so-called list of “Putinists” “.

Now Mr. Orsini is much more moderate, so even within this twisted rhetoric he can’t avoid telling bits of truth today. What’s useful is his statements are indicators of the Russian propaganda targets, accents and worries.

He said – Ukraine is using the weapons provided by the US, “and each time more and more powerful, to defend” itself and its people. Very true and Ukraine does it successfully. Reason and origin of Mr. Orsini’s and his Russian colleagues’ panics can be explained by quote of ISW (Institute for the Study of War) saying that: ’’The level of shock and frank discussion of Ukrainian successes by Russian milbloggers speaks to the scale of surprise achieved by Ukrainian forces, which is likely successfully demoralizing Russian forces.” 

Mr. Orsini said – both sides are shooting at Ukraine. “The situation is not that Ukraine is hitting Russia, and Russia is hitting Ukraine, he said.” True, again – Ukraine didn’t start this war; Ukraine is defending in a smart and efficient way against a terrorist state attack.  

Praising former Russian minor achievements Mr. Orsini is disappointed that words “peace”, “dialogue”, “compromise” have disappeared completely from the present discussion. Mr. Orsini statements reveal that Russian propaganda is promoting the idea of a pause in war, a truce or ceasefire. The reason behind this desperate intent is that most probably Russia’s losses are way too heavy; economy is collapsing, so they want to have “a break”. Never. Ukraine will fight till the victory – we need our people and our land back.

Anyway, thank you for valuable insights on Russian propaganda, Mr. Orsini, much appreciated.

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