IV Forum of the Free Nations of Post-Russia announced

IV Forum of the Free Nations of Post-Russia, the International Conference for Peaceful Decolonization, Reconstruction and Territorial Organization of the Post-Russian Space States has been announced. It will be held on December 7-11, 2022 in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Three previous FNP Forums were held in May 2022 in Warsaw, in July 2022 in Prague, and in September 2022 in Gdansk.

As one of the historical figures mostly demonized by Russian imperial propaganda, fighters for the freedom of their people from the Kremlin tyrants, said: “Nothing (and no one) can stop an idea whose time has come.”

And the time for the idea of the final and irrevocable dismantling of the last colonial Empire in Europe and the first terrorist empire in the world has finally come: 1917, 1991, and 2023.

During the IV FNP Forum on December 8, 2022, on the 31st anniversary of the Belovezhskaya Accords, which de jure ceased to exist as the bloodiest Evil Empire of the 20th century (which, cumulatively, was able to surpass even Nazi Germany and the PRC of the times of Mao in this extremely sad and tragic offset of madness) by the Forum participants – the leaders of the future independent states of the post-Russian space will be signed, albeit still only declarative, “in advance”, but still extremely important a symbolic act – “Memorandum on the Russian Federation cessation of the existence” – as a roadmap for the peaceful, constructive and non-violent dismantling of the Terrorist Empire – the current Russian Federation.

Forum’s goals and tasks

The goals and main tasks of the IV Forum of the FNP – the International Conference of PostRussia, whose participants will be representatives of free and soon (again) independent Tatarstan, Ingria, the Ural Republic, Karelia, Circassia, the Confederation of Siberia, Kuban, the Pskov Republic, Buryatia, the Pacific Federation, Zalesye, Sakha, the Republic of Tver, Udmurtia, Tuva, the Nizhny Novgorod Republic, Bashkortostan, Komi, the Baltic Republic (Kenigsberg), Erzyan Mastor, the Black Earth Region Republic, Biarmia, the Oirat Republic, Chuvashia, Smalandia, the Federation of Tyumen-Ugra, the Don, the Nogai Republic, are the following:

  • Coordinating decisions on the peaceful “velvet” divorce-dismantling of the Russian Federation
  • Determining the borders of future independent states
  • Confirmation of the principle of complete and unconditional denuclearization of all post-Russian countries
  • Creating a mechanism for the division of assets and debts of the current Russian Federation (including reparations)
  • Developing basic parameters for the organization of the post-Russian space, especially in the first few years of transition (economic ties, supply chains, the movement of people and capital, the currency issue, etc.)
  • The entire current Kremlin vertical, as well as its various offshoots-heirs – like crazy imperials a la Prigozhin-Kadyrov, and the pseudo-liberal Moscow pseudo-opposition party (the same KGB wolves, only temporarily in sheepskins) continue to promote narratives of impossibility and catastrophic scenarios for the collapse of Russia.

And, unfortunately, many people still believe these manipulations and mantras, even connected with some stakeholders and opinion leaders in the NATO and EU countries, consider the self-preservation of Russia as a single state to be an uncontested and self-preserving reason.

It seems that in this ecstasy, “risks”, “chaos” and “threats” of the Russian Federation dismantling, many people forget what a blessing the collapse of the USSR was for Europe and the whole world, but today the only one regrets about it, those who consider it (sorry for quoting the terrorist) “the biggest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century” – you and I know perfectly well who exactly…

But, this crazy war criminal and today infected with the virus of rashism (a mix of “cargo cult” of victory and the former illusory “greatness”) about 85% of the Russian Federation population, will be opposed by tens of millions of free citizens in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Estonia, Armenia, Suomi, Sakartvelo, Germany, Moldova, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, etc.

In their imperial propaganda, the KGB appealed to four main “threats of the Russian Federation collapse”:

  • The spread of nuclear weapons
  • Strengthening China
  • The cost and guarantees of the natural resources supply (primarily gas and oil)
  • A war of all against all

To all this cheap propaganda nonsense, we have clear answers:

1. All new states of the post-Russian space agree and immediately without conditions, under the control of the IAEA, the UN, the EU countries, and NATO, completely renounce nuclear weapons (as well as all types of other weapons of mass destruction), which ensures the complete denuclearization of all of Eastern Europe and North Asia.

2. The new independent states in Central and East Asia – the Pacific Federation (Primorye, Amur Region, the northern part of Karafuto), the United States of Siberia, Buryatia, the Republic of Kamchatka and Chukotka, Altai, Khakassia, Tuva, and others – will be primarily economic and trade partners, as well as allies for Japan, the Republic of Korea, the United States, the Republic of China (Taiwan), Canada and Australia. That will allow the creation of a stable coalition of democratic states for balance in that region. That means, on the contrary, they will restrain the increasingly inadequate imperial ambitions of the PRC in the North, which will significantly reduce the room for maneuvering by “Emperor Xi” with the company in the South, Southeast, and East of Asia. A certain analog of NATO may arise in East Asia and/or the Pacific region to curb militarism, expansion, and aggression of the PRC, where, in addition to the above countries, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and even India will be able to join.

3. There is no “Russian” gas and oil. There is Tyumen, Bashkir, Nogai, and Tatar gas. There is no “Russian” gold, timber, diamonds, grain, nickel, or aluminum. There are Siberian, Buryat, Ural, Oirat, Karelian, Yakut, Kuban, Don and Pomeranian. Today there is only Russian: imperialism, colonial policy, terrorism, hopelessness, and madness.

When the Imperial Russian Federation ceases to exist formally, instead of one very unreliable, aggressive, and inadequate intermediary – the Kremlin with nuclear warheads and propaganda RT and Sputnik TV – it will be replaced by several different, competing suppliers who will fight for the buyer. The cost of resources is not only normalizing due to the decrease in the influence of political, non-market factors on prices, but also significantly diversifying. In short, buyers and consumers (primarily in EU countries) will benefit significantly.

4. Yes, the risks of new conflicts, especially in certain areas of the “fault” – are possible. But, as the experience of the collapse of the USSR shows, if such things are not artificially stimulated from the outside (primarily by Moscow, and now possibly by Beijing), they can be preventively minimized.

All states of the post-Russian space are interested in peace and compromise since they are the guarantee of their development, success, and international investment. And we still don’t remember all the additional ones, both global (nuclear, economic, resource, military, energy, climate), so regional (Middle East, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Central Africa) and local (Ukraine, Syria, Belarus, Bosnia , Moldova, Sakartvelo) geopolitical benefits from the dismantling of the current Russian Federation: the termination of support-supervision of terrorist and extremely authoritarian regimes around the world (Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, etc.), the end of the “policy” of pumping dirty bloody money and resources to all ultra-right and ultra-left forces in the EU countries, the creation and support of terrorist structures around the world, hybrid attacks and proxy wars (cyber, electoral and direct action, such as the explosion of warehouses in the Czech Republic and “ Novichok” in the UK), a significant reduction in oil and gas blackmail, the cessation of the “activities”-lawlessness of PMCs in Central Africa, the immediate end of aggression, occupation and war in Ukraine, etc. That is why the final dismantling-divorce of the Empire (and it can and should) must be controlled, and therefore constructive and non-violent dismantling.

If there are scenarios, leaders, and responsible leadership, as well as an effective strategy, step by step, the controlled dismantling of the Russian Federation through its Decolonization will become a real civilizational Win-Win and the main geopolitical profit and value for the entire civilized world of the middle of the 21st century:

starting from the subjects themselves (since they don’t have any real civil rights now) of the current Russian Federation, who instead of repression, poverty, isolation, mobilization, devastation, and war will get a chance for freedom and prosperity, and ending with all neighboring countries of the current Russian Federation, and also new, both the global architecture of the world order and regional (European, Arctic and East Asian) systems of collective security.

There are already real forces, people, and movements that can do this (and the “compression of time” suggests that this is likely to happen as early as 2023) – and now they will gather at the IV FNP Forum on December 7-11 in Helsingborg to agree on key aspects of this process.

The logic of history is inexorable

Also, during the IV Forum of the FNP, it is planned to work special sections (8- 10.12.22) dedicated to the issues of the Reconstruction of Post-Russia, that is, social and economic development, as one of the key components of the success of independent states and a fuse against revanchist sentiments and imperial phantom pains – “ Plan for the Reconstruction of the Post-Russian Space States”.

Several speakers of the IV Forum of the FNP, originally from Siberia, are also planning to make a statement on the principles of the renewal of the independence of the Siberian State – the announcement of the “Declaration of Independence of the Confederation of Siberia”.

The solutions developed by the leaders of the future independent states of Post-Russia, among other things, will be presented during the next public event, the next Forum of Free Nations of Post-Russia in 2023 – on January 31 in Brussels, in the European Parliament.

It is also very important to understand and finally abandon the extremely infantile and dangerous washing of hands, putting on rose-colored glasses, and/or dipping your head in the sand – no options for transforming the modern Russian Federation in the form of “one and indivisible Russia” into a normal civilizational country are a priori impossible.

Russia is “too big to be democratic”, and its historical background and key mental attitudes, where there are no traditions, not to mention functioning, effective and developed institutions, local self-government, civic responsibility, and decentralization, are incompatible with liberal democracy.

On the contrary, conformism, paternalism, and etatism have been rooted there for centuries and brought almost to the Absolute.

The tyranny of Putin and his cabal of war criminals is not the problem itself, not the cause, it is only a consequence, a symptom. The real problem is the very essence of Russia, its nature and size, no single “beautiful Russia of the future” is possible – this is at best the infantilism of Wishful thinking, and as a rule, only ordinary special operations of the Chekists for the next rebirth of the monster of Russian imperialism in a new form, but with all the same aggressive militaristic antiliberal colonial essence and nuclear weapons.

It’s time for all of us to finally accept that the problem is precisely in Russia and its existence as a single state – and start acting accordingly (including stopping support for “initiatives to build a united post-Putin Russia” – there should be no united Russia “after Putin” at all, only independent states of the post-Russian space).

The logic of history is inexorable – empires fall apart and the Last Colonial Empire of Europe and the First Terrorist Empire in the world will not be exceptions – it will finally fall. Already in 2023. Like it or not, the empire will fall apart – so let this process be controllable, constructive, and positive.

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