Kim Jong Un appeared at the ballistic missile launch with his daughter and wife

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un showed his previously unknown daughter to the public for the first time.

 In the photos that were published, Kim and her daughter pose next to the missile.

The media in North Korea even allowed the name of the girl to be mentioned.  According to some reports, Kim’s daughter is about 12-13 years old.  In general, according to unconfirmed information, the leader of the DPRK has three children – two girls and a boy.

Together with his daughter and wife, the leader of North Korea conducted a test launch of the Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile.

 The missile, launched at the Pyongyang International Airport, flew for 4135 seconds (more than an hour), the flight range was 998 km, and the maximum altitude was 6040.9 km – this is how North Korean state media describe the missile test.

 North Korea’s new intercontinental ballistic missile can reach the US territory.  At least that is what the North Korean dictator claims.

This launch confirmed that the DPRK’s nuclear forces have reached their maximum ability to deter any nuclear threat, Kim Jong-un said.

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